Upsdn for Sale
We live in an unprecedented age:  political revolution at home and  abroad, nuclear proliferation, bit coin economy, "fake news", and the addictions to drugs and to social media:  So, here might be the perfect brand/domain name for someone to help bring solace, sanity, and advice for those who see the world turning Upside Down.  And the worse things get, the more a site like this will be needed, and valued.

But the term could equally be used for zany fashions, or for a non-confomist media outlet, etc.  If you Google the term "Upside Down", you'll find all sorts of ideas for its use (100 millions hits).  Seller is original owner.

VALUATION: Estibot says $44k, but you won't have to pay that much.  The best way to gauge value is to compare name quality to similarly priced domains in the Top 100 Sales list:

So click on the image below, which links to this and several other  domains of interest:  click on any you'd like to buy or bid on (or go to's search-bar, to find).


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