This Domain Name ( will be put up for sale in a few weeks or months.

We live in an unprecedented age.

Political revolution at home and abroad, nuclear proliferation, bit coin economy, "fake news", and the addiction to drugs, and to social media.

"Upside Down" expresses these existential concerns.  But more positively, it may also hint at outlandish fashions, art, ideas, and inventions.  Want to start a fashion or publishing empire?   You'll need a name -- and then a website to match, of course.

Because it's such a unique term, 
Upside Down is easy to remember -- especially when you have an accompanying visual cue, like the one below!  Here's hoping this site will provide good service, in the not too distant future...

To keep updated on any auction plans for, send your email address (see below).  If you think this particular domain MIGHT be worth at least $25k for your purposes, feel free to include that price in your email:  obviously, that will be for informational purposes only (non-binding).  But if a sufficiently attractive offer between buyer and seller can be negotiated prior to the next (Auction) phase, this would save time for everyone.
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