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PROVEN:  Addictive Opioids are NOT better than Non-Addictive Pain Killers  3-6-18

A new scientific study has just been published which throws huge doubt on the legitimacy (and sincerity) of earlier claims that the infamous and widely dispensed opioid medications in the news everyday are better than non-addictive pain killers.

Which just lends further credence (as if any were needed) that the whole opioid-genocide experience was and continues to be a huge, profit-making, transparent SCAM.  Just like the Financial Crisis.  And almost no one went to jail then, nor will anyone go to jail now -- except the victims, of course -- tens of thousands, many of whom have already been subjected to an unofficially sanctioned form of capital punishment (OD/DOA).

About the research:  Erin Krebs, women’s medical director for the Minneapolis VA Health Care System, led a study that found the “use of opioid vs nonopioid...did not result in significantly better pain-related function over 12 months.”

And here's an excellent 2015 video by this same author, summarizing what was then only starting out to be our current Opioid Armageddon:  there was still plenty of time for political leadership to avoid the worst of it, which we are now witness to.  

So, why did it happen?  It's not rocket science:  just "Follow the money."

And then remember, this opioid plague and its purveyors are the enemy of liberals as much as conservatives, women as much as men, the young as much as the elderly, and anyone patriotic enough not to want to see great harm done to their family, friends, and country.


Not everyone peripherally involved in this huge Addiction Industry could have clearly foreseen the full extent of this horrific medical malpractice (having been told by the plotters how safe it was for patients), but we can only guess how many DID know or came to know, and helped instigate it, and massively profited by it.  Neither psychopathic greed nor willful ignorance are excuses for manslaughter, murder, or genocide.  Evil motives are still evil, no matter their beneficent disguises.
   Anyway, other fitting
appropriate synonyms might be:  DELIBERATE, calculated, conscious, INTENDED, planned, meant, studied, knowing, WILLFUL, purposeful, purposive, done on purpose,  preplanned, preconceived.

Help your friends stay safe and informed.
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